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FREE Goalie Training with Jim Daly:

Sunday Feb 7th - All Grades - 9am-10am

Contact your coach to sign up!



Boys In-house (World Gym, Setauket)

KG/1st/2nd Grades

3rd – 8th Grades



1st Grade: 12pm-1pm

Kindergarten - 1pm-2pm

2nd Grade: 2pm-3pm​

3rd & 4th Grades: 8am-10am

5th & 6th Grades: 10am-12pm

7th & 8th Grades: 3pm-5pm


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Three Village Lacrosse Website
Welcome to the Three Village Lacrosse website.  The site, which...
Tips on Using the New Website
  The "Team" Tab: While our new website...
Three Village Lacrosse Website

Welcome to the Three Village Lacrosse website.  The site, which is hosted by League Athletics, includes a number of features that should enable us to keep you better informed on league events. You'll also be able to communicate with us more easily by using the "feedback" tab.  Registering on-line on this site should also be a lot easier. For instance, there's a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to register and, once you enter your information (such as name, address, email), the information is stored in a secure database that is retrieved automatically when you register for future events, so you won't have to start from scratch each season. As you'll see, other cool features enable us to post slideshows, lacrosse videos and photos.

Please take some time and explore our new website. We've included basic information on the boys and girls games, a section on the history of lacrosse, pages that describe the boys and girls programs that are currently underway, and a page that allows you to see where some of our recent Ward Melville graduates are playing lacrosse in college. 

While we still have a lot of information to add, we hope you like the new website, and we encourage any suggestions that you may have to make the site better and more user friendly.


by Jason Sanders posted 01/20/2012
Tips on Using the New Website
The "Team" Tab:

While our new website provides lots of information, most folks generally just want to be able to check to see what's going on with their child's team.  There are a number of ways you can get that info, including the "Team" tab that appears on the top of the Homepage.  Below is a quick step-by-step explanation of how to find out what's going on with your child's team using the Team tab.

1 - Click on the "Team" tab at the top of the Homepage;

2 - Use the mouse to find your child's division or team (e.g., Boys 3rd/4th);

3 - Slide the mouse to the right to find his or here team (sometimes identified by the coach's name) and click on it.

You will now be on you child's team page, and next time you visit the website, when you click on the "Team" tab it will default to your child's team, so you won't have to go through steps 2 & 3 again.  On that page you can get the coach's email, view the team's schedule, view a calendar showing the team's schedule, and check out the team roster. Note that team rosters will not be posted until the spring 2012 season.

New "Members":

When you go to register your child for the spring lacrosse season you'll be asked to provide your email address, and you will then be sent via email a temporary password.  Once you complete the registration process you'll be a "member" of our league, and your information (e.g., contact info) will be stored by the website.  This will make it easier when you start to register for subsequent events because your stored information will be retrieved automatically (i.e., you will not have to fill-out the form again from scratch). 

Once you're a member, you have the ability to go in and change your stored information by clicking on the Edit My Account tab in the left-hand menu.  In addition to using the Edit My Account tab to change information, you can also use it to view, at one time, game schedules for the entire family, which is particularly useful for folks with more than one child playing in the league.    

It'll take a little time to get use to the new website, but you'll find that it's pretty simple work with. Of course, if you have questions, you can always use the "Feedback" tab on the left menu to contact us.  



by bsc posted 01/04/2012
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